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Caring Leader

Wholistic Leadership
Certificate Program

Your team can't excel at caring for others until they're sufficiently caring for themselves.

Are you ready to embrace, employ and vigorously defend brave healing spaces for your team? 

Are you willing to acknowledge the acute need for more compassionate, reflective, empowered nurse leaders?

We understand... hard it can be to compassionately and empathetically lead a care team -- how the pressure to perform outweighs the dwindling resources and support needed to maintain care standards.

...the pain, suffering, and trauma informing the practice of your team members -- and their desperate need for leaders willing and able to hear, see, and appreciate their true hearts and souls as caregivers.

What does the Wholistic Leadership Certificate Program include?

Education, tools, and support needed for empowering nursing leaders to resuscitate and strengthen the heart and soul of their teams from the inside out.

15 CE contact hours

Six 2-hour gatherings + 3 hours of independent study

Our first three classes focus on the heart of the nurse with interactive training on active listening, storytelling, and enneagram. From this empowered posture, we discuss some of the most challenging issues plaguing nursing today; workplace violence, bullying, and trauma. In our final session, leaders are coached on how to incorporate the course teachings into their work plan to shift workplace culture in their area of leadership.



Personality Typing



Brave Healing



Active listening is listening on purpose or listening to understand. Research shows human beings are wired for connection. Active listening has been proven as a primary predictor of healthy organizational culture, employee well-being, job satisfaction, and improved retention rates

Tamara & Phillis

Led by RN Spiritual Directors:
Tamara Ramirez and Phyllis Morton

Battle-tested RNs certified in Spiritual Direction, Phyllis and Tamara are experts at creating brave healing spaces. Their greatest passions include mentoring and challenging leaders to stretch themselves and to embrace the spiritual sense of connection required to fully support and care for their respective teams.



Leverage CODE YOU's infrastructure, curriculum and customer support to schedule, market and conduct your very own endorsed retreats. Wholistic Leadership Certificate Program graduates are on the fast track to facilitating their own retreats.

Facilitating a Group Meeting

Upcoming Classes


Make Yourself a Priority.

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