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Resuscitating and strengthening the heart and soul of nursing.


The National Academy of Medicine reports burnout rates this year as high at 54% among nurses and physicians. Yet, even prior to the Covid pandemic, many health care providers were experiencing burnout, compassion fatigue, and even, moral injury.


There have been helpful solutions implemented in many healthcare systems such as self-care strategies, strengthening resilience, and employing better coping mechanisms. However, these interventions often lack a spiritual component. We must ask ourselves how health care providers can be expected to provide holistic care to his/her patients without having all of these needs met for themselves first? 

CODE YOU offers healthcare professionals holistic care as they face feelings of apathy, isolation, and compassion fatigue.


We do this by helping healthcare professionals develop their own spiritual care plan, find a deepening connection with a Divine Presence and a resuscitated heart and soul. We provide tools and support as they learn spiritual practices like breath prayer, gratitude journaling, in the car Yoga, meditative hikes, and art-based healing practices.