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Endorsed CODE YOU Retreat Facilitator

Are you a nurse leader with a passion for healing and spiritual care? Consider becoming an endorsed CODE YOU retreat facilitator and a force multiplier for resuscitating the heart and soul of nursing.


Follow this simple path to obtain endorsement and host your own CODE YOU retreats:

Register and attend any upcoming CODE YOU retreat to resuscitate and strengthen your heart and soul for nursing


at a Retreat

Help organize and support a CODE YOU retreat to learn exactly what it takes to coordinate and host your own


a Retreat

Lead a CODE YOU retreat with the support of a CODE YOU endorsed facilitator working along side you

Complete a minimum of 5 hours of 1:1 coaching/mentoring with a CODE YOU spiritual director

Facilitate Your Own

Endorsed Retreats!

Leverage CODE YOU's infrastructure, curriculum and customer support to schedule, market and conduct your very own endorsed retreats

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