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Are You Changing Jobs?

Empower Your Career Transition with Wholistic Tools for Healthy Exits and New Beginnings.

Career transition is common in the nursing profession. We change jobs for career advancement, to switch specialties, to relieve stress, because of relocation, and to better meet our families' needs.

No matter how many times we change positions there is always a mix of excitement, loss, trepidation, and everything in between. Whether leaving a job held for years or embarking on a new adventure, it's essential to navigate this journey with intentionality and care. 

In this blog, we invite you to consider taking time to pause and reflect on the place you are leaving behind, what you are taking with you, and the opportunities to come. Engaging in this practice of pausing and reflecting will empower and enrich your career transitions. 

Honoring the Career You Are Leaving Behind

Transitioning nursing roles involves bidding farewell to familiar routines, colleagues, and patients. It's a time to reflect on the gifts and blessings we’ve received and the challenges and grief we've endured. Every experience, whether joyful or difficult, has shaped us into the nurses we are today.

Step One of Healthy Exits and New Beginnings:

Grab your pen and paper, or open the notes app on your phone. Now pause and take notes of the moments of joy, fulfillment, and growth you've experienced in your current role. Perhaps it's the relationships you've formed with patients and colleagues, the skills you've honed, or the lives you've touched through your work. Write down these treasures as a reminder of what you are taking with you into your next season.

Step Two of Healthy Exits and New Beginnings:

Alongside the blessings, it's important to recognize the grief you may be leaving behind. Nursing is a profession that demands emotional labor, and saying goodbye can evoke a range of emotions. Whether it's the loss of routine, the end of meaningful patient connections, or the challenges you've faced along the way, allow yourself to mourn what you're leaving behind.

We know goodbyes and workplace exits come in many forms – some anticipated, others unexpected. Some are filled with excitement for the future, while others are tinged with sadness, grief, and sometimes anger. It is common to feel a mix of emotions as you navigate each transition. To exit healthily simply requires that you pause to honor the bittersweet emotions that come with any farewell knowing that each goodbye signifies growth and change.

New Beginnings: A Tapestry of Hope, Fear, and Vulnerability

Stepping into a new role or career path can evoke a whirlwind of emotions – hope for the possibilities that lie ahead, fear of the unknown, and vulnerability in navigating uncharted territory. We invite you to embrace these feelings as natural parts of the journey and reminders that you're embarking on a path of growth and discovery.

Step Three of Healthy Exits and New Beginnings:

With pen and paper or a notes app in hand, allow yourself to sit with each emotion of new beginnings.

Hope: Allow yourself to envision the future you desire and the impact you hope to make in your new role. Whether it's advancing your skills, pursuing a passion, or making a difference in a different capacity, let hope guide you forward. How is hope a part of your new beginning?

Fear: It's normal to feel apprehensive about the challenges and uncertainties that come with starting something new. Instead of letting fear hold you back, acknowledge it as a natural response to change and use it as fuel to propel yourself forward. What fears are bubbling up in you? Take note of each fear and as you write it down,  practice releasing this fear.

Vulnerability: Embracing vulnerability means acknowledging that you don't have all the answers and that growth often comes from stepping outside your comfort zone. Lean into this discomfort and trust in your ability to learn and adapt along the way. What are your areas of vulnerability in your new position?


Transitioning in your nursing career is a journey filled with both endings and beginnings. By honoring the past, embracing the present, and welcoming the future with hope and resilience, you can empower yourself to navigate these transitions with grace and confidence. Remember, every goodbye is an opportunity for growth, and every new beginning holds the promise of possibility.

As you embark on this next chapter of your career, may you find strength in the lessons learned, courage in the face of uncertainty, and joy in the journey ahead.

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